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tv   [untitled]    April 3, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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citywide confidence we needed to do on our soft story buildings we're confident that will help save lives and properties. that's not all we did we want to make sure our city is safer and in addition, we started a lifelines council one of the first in the country we'll dial and have meetings with our utility providers that lifeline has been critical because of their silos they have their approach to disaster that was never contemplated with our fire and police and public utilities commission by creating that
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lifeline council and having a dialog on each party to match how do you get the workforce back into the city to recovery kwiblg what were the proprietors to match up and we didn't have that ability until we created the lifeline council meeting. it's working well, it's just the beginning we have adapt sf another program that mayor bates has signaled the sea levels of are rising as we see it hit ocean beach we have a moofrt plan to respond rather than fight nature we have to understand it. adapt sf is getting all our departments whether the port or public works or all the other entities working together to we
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can look at the enter dependent agencies can understand their roles and therefore create projects will r that will give you us more synergy across the departments pr i think we're extinct not only to be part of the resilient cities before you have our that fir chief officer work across the departments. what we learned in new orleans and it repeats itself how the a little don't work across they're silos and recognizing our challenges to work with not only new orleans folks but on a state
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basis and particularly are with the sea level rises it offers a great opportunity we don't know where the earthquake is going to be and the more ready we're region lake erie the better off we'll be this is another part of the investment process across the world folks have to have to invite businesses into our cities we have to be more ready than we ever r ever is where been it's not enough to have great programs but to understand what the rest of the world is doing but it begins with us and a as mayors take on opportunity and saying to ourselves we have to work in our own silos it not enough but to understand the collaboration of the agencies
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and once we get across those things we're going to be better a more resilient and smarter city. this is where i met 1yurg9 was on the first meetings we were all talking about the innovations and this can be month more important to inviting businesses to be here. as the city administer i'm happy to launch those things with kelly who's been doing more in this area. i want to thank the rockefeller foundation and it's incredibly important for any city that after an event so is to the citizens did we do enough and fulfilling the promises as world-class cities to learn from
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each other and i think part of this one hundred resilient cities is all about. thank you very much >> mayor from oakland. >> this used to be in competition and sharing and stealing from each other on the seismic work it is probably one thing we've taken on the challenge of getting ready for the big one whether the santa ana debris fault or the hayward. this issue is a very person. a lot of people know i'm the mayor of oakland today probably because of the great san francisco wraeshth but chinatown were not allowed much help in the golden gate park encapacity
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so many of the chinese-americans and others ended up in adam pr so i've been touched by that. in the context of what we're doing today, i wanted to say that most of the changes the progressive changes on issues of climate change and are really being implemented at the city level it's no wonder is one hundred cities signed up and the uncouldn't get nations to sign it's no surprise on electric cars, etc. and how we have smart growth happening at the city level this is why it's interesting this collaborative sister of cities almost were also in competition for being the greatest cities and in
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competition to be greener we're going to be helped with the rockefeller foundation grant. i was in new york and understand this is a big incision. what upstairs in the world will be happening in the major regions around the world how will we deal with the cultural whether to include the poor in our cities as well as the rich and the cultural changes reflected a sdpifs population. and in every country today no less in the bay area they've been dealing with the "x" public utilities commission from apartments we're that taking on a major change of rent control in oakland tomorrow. those issues surround the context of what we're doing to make our cities important resilient.
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when i became a school member 25 years ago what we had an earthquake and firestorm within my first few years of being in politics. i remember at any very first meeting someone i asked how faithful are our schools during an earthquake and they said we don't want you to know but i said we need to know. and i passed the school bonds to study we were rebuilding 6 schools over and over the next few years i was lucky to be on the citywide board planning for incurs we've been together for decades each step we're improving i want to leave us today, we're trying to expand our neighborhoods core groups
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those are citizens responding to earthquakes. i find as mayor those groups help to organize and protect each other. i was on the street yesterday when i said, you know, what happens to mrs. such and such is she still in her home she's still in her home because of the surrounding folks it makes it a better neighborhood that people care about each other and today in oakland any challenge as mayor i'm trying to get i did not know folks involved where young amending men in particular are not graduating if high school and not getting jobs are 3 times more likely to be unemployed and how do you build
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hope. i'm excited because the rockefeller foundation has a broad vision and they're to help us on earthquake resiliency and how in our hearts can we take on any challenge. being the mayor of oakland there's probably things i have not thought of that needs to be look at. this is what we'll be talking about how do you build a community and neighborhood that can take on any chooj >> i think you've heard from the 3 comments the thread of building resilience but being ready for the energy for climate change when is certainly on everyone's mind but building the community capacity we're talking about be building neighborhood
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from the top down this will consider. i couldn't be more excited about hearing from 3 articulated individuals hearing about the issues they'll contestant and the real passionate tashgdz and thank you to the mayors and i'm going to turn it over to my colleagues food in san francisc just about expensive eat but
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food for everyone and there's organizations in the city that are doing really good work making sure that healthy food it assessable to everyone. more and more as follows are are becoming interested in upper arlthd they want to joy the open green pace sea know where their food it coming from we'll look at 3 programs talking ushering agricultural and garden to new heights. so what exactly it, your honor agricultural >> it the growing food or flowers within city limits traditionally we've been referring to communities gardener that is a raised bed
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over and over upper argument has a more a farming way of farming. >> so tell me 0 what's growing in this garden. >> a really at all plant. in the one of the rare places, you know, people have access to green space 24 is one of the places to grow things like the purple floor. it is sort of recognizing that the more diversity in given space the better not to just have one thing by everything supported each another >> it provides the community with an opportunity to get their hands dirty and reach 0 out and congressmen with the community
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in ways they might have not otherwise to engage with one other. >> now the dpw urban planning program so see how the garden community. >> so i grew up on a farm in air force base we picked the foods open the trees and share with other families and as i drive around san francisco i see any trees with apples or mrumdz and lemon trees i can see the food going to waste and brought that idea back to the department many of the trees where the fruit would go to waste we origin or crop and pick other fruits and delivery this to food banks or shelters to people who need them. >> i'm here with nang wong
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hello nang. >> hello. >> i need to understand house this gleaning work. >> we come and harvest like for example, we'll come over here this is the lemon and plug it like this. >> (laughter). >> made that good, good and ease. >> the trick is how not to hurt the branches. >> like the thing. >> i'm so excited about this. the people are so passionate about where the food goes to the private property owners give us the food they're happy that no of a t is going to waste
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>> oh. thank you. thank you. again job aura natural >> (laughter). >> from backyards to back lots let's take a look at the food and community bonding at the free farm. >> my idea was to start growing food and giving it away. and getting my neighbors to who had space and having a kind of event that brings people together not to run our food program this time around but to share the wealth of the abundance of our welfare. we were all divorce and as part of our philosophy of working together and working together. >> what's the most rewarding
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aspect of volunteering for the free farm stand. >> well, we could is a generalic satisfaction but something about giving food away it's giving something i brought that in and sort it and gave it to you it's primitive to be able to give something some basically to someone else. >> now serving number to 49 come on down. >> we have the capability of producing this food and in san francisco you can grow food all year round so the idea we're capable of prougdz food in our own backyards we're here to demonstrate an bans of food and i think that giving it away for free we show individuals it in
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have to be a comedy. >> we build time together and it's the strength of any ideas of the connections we'll turn that connection and the more connections you make no mistake about it the more you can have a stronger power and not have to rely on money that's the people power. >> in this episode we've seen the urban farms and gardens provide more in fruits and vegetation people can have the special produce available it can be a place to give back by donating food to others and
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teach our children the connection to the earth and environment it's truly
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microphone as well as the officer, but we did meet in the office, and under the heading of corrective action, although there was not anything formal taken with both the stellar at 685 suter street and broad way
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and based on the incidents that have happened in the past couple of weeks, you are going to get the details from the officer and possibly sean, about that activity, but i just wanted you to know that we have already met with the operators, and the police department based on the incidents that happened and made the lists and taken some action going forward to try to improve the operations so that those things do not happen again. >> and now, i think that is all from me, i am going to hand it over to sean and unless someone has any questions? >> i don't see any questions, thank you, executive director. good evening, commissioners. and i will try to keep this short and sweet, as we do have a full house. and this past friday, i went into the city with san francisco police department's alcohol liaison unit and we
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were doing the permit inspections all over the city, and there is a list here on the sheet and i will read it off briefly, and john collins and har lit temple and blue, finn 1015 full so many and the south of market and dj dance clubs and then, it is a sushi karaoke type of an establishment out in the richmond district and we also had a meeting in which cona par low last week and i made a stop in there after a conversation about their hours of operating and the events. and this past sunday.